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Rent a house for less the price of a room

Rent a house

The topic title may sound very suspicious to many, among you. We wouldn’t hold that against you. It really doesn’t make sense. How can I stay in a house, and yet pay less than what I pay for a room? This s what you may be thinking! This is a logical way of reasoning as well, so if that was ... Read More »

Important Accessories that any apartment occupant Needs in Delhi


Recently the earthquake that hit Nepal also had its repercussions till Delhi. This incident has alerted and has set a reminder to the public regarding the safe and secure structures for living. The urbanization in most of the metropolitan cities has led to rapid rise in the number of high rise buildings being constructed. Delhi comes second in the list ... Read More »

Essential Tips Most First-Time Home Buyers Miss


Buying your first home can be an extremely intimidating experience. If you’ve never owned a home before, there are going to be many pieces of the experience that you don’t expect. That said, you’re likely very much concerned about some of the facets of buying a home that you have no experience with, even if you’ve spent time thinking about ... Read More »

Wet Rot – its symptoms, causes and treatment


We often see timber that is affected with distortion, loss of strength and discoloration. Lightened tone and darkening of the timber are also the signs of wet rot that makes it spongy too. Dried out timber because of this problem may crumble just with a soft touch. Likewise certain areas in our buildings give damp musty smell. Fungal growth is ... Read More »

Earn an Extra Income from Your Multi Bedroom Home in London

Bedroom Home

If you happen to own a rental 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom or 5-bedroom place in London and you are tired of all the hassle that is associated with finding responsible renters, now there is a way for you simplify the process of getting the rental income you want without all of the troubles you do not want. Work with a Professional Company ... Read More »


Castel for sale

On the off chance that you truly need to live like a lord, purchase a castle. Despite all the advanced and      innovative adroit homes presently available to be purchased, there’s still a pattern of castles hitting the market. Some of these castles go back to the fifteenth century while others have been built in current times by proprietors. “An Englishman’s ... Read More »

Cleaning Up for a Full Deposit Return

The end of your lease is approaching and you want to move away from the house you are tenanting, but in order to start the next chapter of your life, you need that big fat paycheck which you gave to your landlord as a deposit at the beginning of your tenancy. So how do you go around achieving that? It ... Read More »

Tips to Find Ideal Granny Flats for Sale

Granny Flats

A granny flat is a property extension that is added to provide an additional living space. The flat can be either detached or attached to the main property. A guesthouse is a common example of a granny flat found close to the main house. That is not the only type of flat available for sale. As you look through property ... Read More »

Five Things to Renovate When You Buy Your First Home

property investments

Now that the government has brought in the Help to Buy scheme to assist people who want to get their feet on the property ladder, there’s a good chance that you’ll be interested in applying. It is hard to save up for a deposit, which is why these five percent schemes can be really helpful for people like you and ... Read More »

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