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3 Important Things To Do Before Listing Your Home

3 Important Things To Do Before Listing Your Home

You decided to list your home and are planning on being proactive when it comes to readying your property for the sale. Whether you are downsizing or moving to a new city this is often an exciting but overwhelming time. Moving homes is always a big undertaking but creating a to-do list and ensuring you are organized through the process will make it much easier and more fun.

When we live in a home for a number of years we become used to its quirks, adapting instead of fixing what needs to be fixed. The only issue is these are often the first thing a house hunter notices when touring a residence. Small problems may turn off a potential buyer so do maintenance and repairs before listing. Gil Szabo is an experienced Penticton real estate agent in the Okanagan Valley. These are his suggestions.



When a buyer is interested in your property they want to know how well the furnace has been maintained and when it was last serviced. I suggest getting it done before putting your house up for sale so you can tell viewers it is in good shape, has a new filter and the ducts are recently cleaned. Know the age of the furnace as well.

Septic Tank

If your house has a septic tank call a professional to come inspect it and drain it if necessary. The receipt and a copy of the inspection should be handy as a potential buyer will want this information before sealing the deal. As septic tank issues can be expensive you will want to be upfront with any service records.


Gas fireplaces should be cleaned and checked once a year to ensure they are running properly. Unless a professional has done this in the last few months I recommend getting it done as soon as possible. If you own a wood fireplace get the chimney cleaned and ready it for the next winter season.



Painting dinged or dented walls is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to spruce up a home and prepare it for an Open House. If any of your rooms that are very brightly painted consider redoing them in a lighter shade to create a more neutral palate. Customized hues can turn a potential buyer as can darker colours.

Fences and Decks

If you are missing any fence panels or your gate is crooked replace or fix them for a better curb appeal. If the paint on your deck is peeling or the stain has faded take the time to repaint or repair it. This will help your home appear well-maintained and it will show pride of ownership which can be important in the sale of your home.

Roof and Siding

One main concern among buyers is the shape of the roof and the siding. If there is any moss growing on your roof you should deal with this immediately. Replace any missing shingles and repair any damaged siding.

3.First Impressions

Curb Appeal

When a potential buyer and their realtor pull up to your property the wow factor is important so mow your lawns and trim your hedges. Putting out some planters with flowers in bloom is not a bad idea. Just ensure everything looks nicely groomed and tidy. Your front porch needs to be in good shape so re-stain if it looks weathered

Declutter and Depersonalize

A cluttered home can make it difficult for viewers to get the true idea of what your home offers. Spend some time going through rooms and getting rid of all the extra stuff filling your counters and floors. Take down your family photos and a few of your knick-knacks if you a lot. A nice tidy space will showcase your home.

Dust and Clean

You want your house to be sparkling clean when potential buyers come through to view it. Treat preparing the property as a though you are spring cleaning and dust everything, scrub the floors, clean the windows and wash the floors. If keeping it like this during the listing is difficult consider hiring a cleaner to come in once a week.Hide Pet Evidence

While the occasional dog bed will not make or break a sale I would still suggest you tuck it away when you have viewings. If you own a cat put in new kitty litter for every viewing or Open House. Also, professionally clean your carpets. You do not want your home smelling of pets when people are coming through.

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