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Are there any Differences between a Jacuzzi hot tub and a Spa

Are there any Differences between a Jacuzzi hot tub and a Spa

After looking in a renowned dictionary, you will find that a spa is “a town in the East of Belgium, famous for its renowned mineral springs; a mineral spring believed by many to have health giving properties.”

  • But, nowadays, when you hear the word “spa”, it is mostly associated with jetted and heated, water-filled tubs, that are made from both fibreglass and polymer. (Polymer being the better of the two, providing the user with a much longer life and service).
  • So, from here, will now refer to such as “Jacuzzi Hot Tubs’ as this is what most people these days call them and has now become the most popular phrase.

Getting the Perfect One That You Wish For

There are a number of people who strangely believe that Jacuzzi hot tubs are in some way related to waterbeds, and that the water being so heavy will make it one day fall through the floor! When in the real world, if properly fitted there is absolutely no possibility of any floor collapsing!

The truth is, that a Jacuzzi hot tub (and a waterbed) put less pressure per square foot on floors than a large fridge or aquarium! Due to the weight being spread out over a large surface area, nearly all modern buildings can easily support the average Jacuzzi hot tub without any concerns. If you have any doubts, just consult experienced professionals in the business at Tanby Pools, and see what they have to say.

Write Out a Checklist and Then Ask Them Things Like:

  • If a tub is not in use, will the water have to stay hot and clean?
  • Can the jet systems be customised for your own personal preferences?
  • How noisy are the jets and pump?
  • Does a tub have a well-balanced filtration system that ensures clean water?
  • Are the heating and filtration systems, both fully automatic?
  • How easy are the controls to use and adjust?
  • How are the seats configured?
  • Is it easy to move around?
  • How long is the warranty on a tub?

And Some Other Things to Think About

  • Make sure that all components have been completely tested and backed by the warranty.
  • Enquire about average monthly operating costs. (Some tubs might cost less to operate than others).
  • Ask the dealer for a copy of the hot tub’s warranty and read it, and be on your guard if any dealer is somewhat reluctant in handing you over a copy.
  • Obtain as much information on both the manufacturer and the dealer and ensure that you will be receiving top quality service during and after your hot tub has been fitted.
  • Check out how long the company has been in the Jacuzzi hot tub, business and if it’s a lengthy period, you’ll be fine.

And you may soon just find that your neighbours and family will be ringing at your door a lot more than before!

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