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Cleaning Up for a Full Deposit Return

Cleaning Up for a Full Deposit Return

The end of your lease is approaching and you want to move away from the house you are tenanting, but in order to start the next chapter of your life, you need that big fat paycheck which you gave to your landlord as a deposit at the beginning of your tenancy. So how do you go around achieving that? It is actually quite simple – you shine up the place and make sure you are leaving it the same way as you entered it the first time, if not better.

Yes, house cleaning is quite the tedium, especially when giving it the special care of end of tenancy cleaning. But it is all well worth it in the end, when you are holding that check which will help you move on with your life. Here is some advice on what not to forget when home cleaning for the last time.

Cleaning Up for a Full Deposit Return

Go through everything. Literally everything. If your landlord does not like separating with his money, he or she will do anything to keep the check and that includes checking for the smallest cracks and the tiniest spots to complain about. Do not let him have the pleasure of keeping the money and be meticulous in your cleaning. Go from room to room and first dust then vacuum to eliminate the obvious problems first. After that get a microfiber cloth (a much better option than paper towels, especially for detailed cleaning) and a cleaning product (use an eco-friendly one – just because you are leaving the place does not mean you should leave carbon footprints to harm the environment), and start wiping and scrubbing at every stain or mark you see. Leave no furniture unturned in your looking for grease, grime, and stains – you know the landlord won’t. Clean the power outlets and light switches as well – these two are often forgotten by people despite the potential harm they could lead to. Wash and scrub everything – do carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, full kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, etc. Do not forget about the upholstery! Shiny it up, then look under it for something lost or something that needs further polishing.

After that you can put some order into the house. The landlord won’t want simply a clean house, he will want an orderly one so that he doesn’t have to put an effort in before setting it up for rent. While ordering, you can look for some discolourations. If there are any uncleanable spots on the walls, repaint over them. After that, the job is done.

Alternatively, you may spare some money for a cleaning agency who will do the job in your stead, and probably much faster. This way you will not have to put an effort into it and will get the best result possible. The professional cleaners have probably gone through end of tenancy cleaning before, so they will know exactly what to do in order to get you that check back. Just find a reliable cleaning company and start dialing. Read more at: http://tenancycleaninglondon.org.uk/end-of-lease-cleaning/

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