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Converting a Small Bathroom into a Wetroom

Converting a Small Bathroom into a Wetroom

If you are familiar with UK weather, you already understand how totally torrential it becomes at times. Therefore, converting a shower to a wetroom is an ideal way to escape any threat of excess moisture, which can also can seem “totally torrential” at times.

Priming the Wetroom for Waterproofing

Local bathroom suppliers in Bristol recommend that a wetroom be professionally fitted and installed. That is because you will need to have the wetroom tanked. Waterproofing entails priming the flooring and the lower part of the walls. The wall area around the wetroom shower is also primed before covering the walls with a membrane. Once waterproofing is complete, the room is tiled.

Elevate the Door

Another way to ensure that the room is waterproofed is to elevate the bathroom door by about five millimetres above the floor. This is a good measure to take in case someone absently-minded covers the drain with a towel and the room begins filling with water.

If you currently have a small bathroom, you can switch out the bathtub with a shower and expand the size of your bathroom with this design. You can also experience the following benefits:

  • An increase in your home’s value. If you add a wetroom to your home as a second bathroom, you can easily increase your home’s value.
  • This type of bathroom is easier to clean. That is because you do not have to maintain a shower tray or shower screen. Add a wall-mounted toilet and sink for even easier maintenance.

If you want to make a visual and practical improvement to your bathroom, converting the space to a wetroom is definitely a solution that you do not want to bypass.


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