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Earn an Extra Income from Your Multi Bedroom Home in London

Earn an Extra Income from Your Multi Bedroom Home in London

If you happen to own a rental 3-bedroom, 4-bedroom or 5-bedroom place in London and you are tired of all the hassle that is associated with finding responsible renters, now there is a way for you simplify the process of getting the rental income you want without all of the troubles you do not want.

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Work with a Professional Company and Let Them Take Care of the Details

Landlords that are tired of dealing with unqualified tenants now have an easy solution to collecting the rent they are asking for by working with London Letting Agents by www.londonshared.co.uk. It is their business to find landlords that are willing to rent their multi-bedroom homes to them directly and allow them to rent out the rooms to young professionals around London. This is a win-win solution for people who are tired of having to screen every potential tenant and then deal with them after the lease has been signed. Instead of having to stay on your tenants every month, they take charge of your property and pay you rent directly, so you never have to worry about being short-changed or having your rent paid late.

You Collect Your Rent Even If Your Property Is Vacant

London Shared are property management services based in London. When you work with a company like this, you have the tools to manage your income regardless of whether your home has empty rooms in it or not. Since they are in charge of marketing and managing all the properties they have rental agreements with, you will get your rent check from them every month even if your property is partially or fully vacant.

Your Property Is Maintained while Under Agreement

Another reason this type of deal is becoming so popular with landlords in the London area is the fact that your property will be professionally cleaned at least once a month as part of your agreement. This helps assure that your valuable London property never falls into disrepair or turns into a dirty mess. Typically, regular cleaning services are included with the management companies’ agreement with the tenants that they pre-screen and approve to live in your home.

Start Earning Money on Your Property Today

When you are ready to start earning money the easy way and leave the job of landlord to a company that is positioned to keep your rental home leased out, a management company can be the answer you have been searching for. While you might be reluctant to turn over this aspect of your property over to someone else, you can trust that your home is in better hands than trying to manage everything yourself. Because London is always a top destination for young business professionals, they are always looking for new rental homes with multiple bedrooms to add to their growing portfolio. This is a great solution for anyone that is tired of taking care of all the details of renting a home, but do not want to sell it either.

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