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Finding Leads, Making Deals: Tips on Lead Generation for Real Estate

Finding Leads, Making Deals: Tips on Lead Generation for Real Estate

Finding and generating leads can be a tedious process that takes up time and energy you would much rather devote to more valuable tasks. But it’s a necessity with any business because without leads, you would not be able to get clients.

So while you can’t do away with looking for leads, there are ways to make things a bit easier than before.


Mine your network

Consider your friends, neighbors and other people you know – folks who know you personally for some time. You don’t have to ask for business from them directly. Simply ask for referrals to people they know who might need your help with selling or buying property. The advantage here is that these people already know you and can put in a good word for you to their friends.

Work your neighborhood

While working your network is a good start, you should also be able to go out and introduce yourself to people and talk about your business. Remember, however, that you are not a salesman. The idea is to get people to know you as a good realtor willing to help out with anything when it comes to real estate. This takes some time to establish, but is far more effective than the aggressive, slick sales talk you’re probably more familiar with.

When you visit, introduce yourself while showing a form of legitimate identification (driver’s license or the like). The gist of the conversation should be about letting people know you and what their needs and/or concerns regarding real property are. Keep the visit short, but just before you leave, ask them if they would like to receive more information about what you do, such as from a website (if you have one) or a newsletter.

Attractive posts

It has been observed that postcards get more response from recipients than enveloped mail. So use a postcard with an eye-catching picture, but keeping the look professional since you want to project that image. Don’t forget to include an effective call-to-action such as inviting them to visit your website.

With these tips and eventually discovering some of your own, finding leads for your real estate business should be easier with less frustrations and dead ends along the way. Just make sure that every message you send out to your prospects tells them that you are looking for opportunities to help them. Instead of telling them how good a realtor you are, let them know what you can do for them. You are bound to get more response from this and your leads can be well on their way to becoming win-win deals for everyone.

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