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How I Managed my Move to Student Digs

How I Managed my Move to Student Digs

I was so excited to get a place at my university of choice and planned my move to student digs a few weeks in advance of my move date. My parents were due to go on holiday and wouldn’t be around to help me and so I knew I would have to go it alone.

My dad had recently relocated his office and used an office removals company locally who were also house movers. He highly recommended them and said their removals services were really affordable to, so I called them.

The guy I spoke to was really helpful and said he would be able to give me a more accurate price for moving house if he knew exactly what would be on the removal van. He recommended that I make a list of things I would be taking as part of a moving checklist. That was such a brilliant idea because I was just about to bundle everything into bin bags and take the lot!

One of the major points on my moving checklist was to rationalise my belongings. I had to work out exactly what I would need at the other end of my house move so that the man and van team didn’t have unnecessary extra journeys. There’s no point carting things from one place to another when you probably won’t even unpack it at the other end.

By the time I had finished cutting down on what I needed, I had enough to perfectly fit one of the removals company’s man and van teams. I was able to get a completely accurate quote for the job too which was important as I was on a very tight budget. They gave me an excellent price for the relocation and even threw in a 10% discount!

The man at the removals company also told me to avoid packing things into bin liners. He said that they didn’t always hold up very well to being moved around and loaded on vans and also he said that they used up a lot of room. He said he had a range of packing supplies available and so I bought some removals boxes from the company to help me.

That proved to be a great idea because the boxes were stackable and that meant they were easy to load by the man and a van. The boxes were also good for added protection to all my things. Bin liners would have been useless for the job I realised in retrospect.

The efficiency of a professional house mover is something that helps save you money too. If I had moved to student digs and done everything myself I would have taken way too much stuff, requiring several trips. Using a professional removal service meant that the job was done quickly and at a great price! The best part was perhaps not getting as stressed out about my move as I would have done had I been left to my own devices.

The man and a van knew exactly the way to my student digs and we travelled at a time when there was minimal traffic because he knows the roads so well. That was great because we just got where we were going with minimal effort and once there, my things were unpacked and placed into my new home within no time at all.

Moving is so stressful. Apparently, it’s one of the most stressful life experiences of all! I can honestly say that I didn’t even break into a sweat on the day I moved to student digs. Putting all my trust in a really professional small removals company paid off 100%. For more ideas: http://brixtonmanandvan.org.uk/

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