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How to Choose Your Ideal Cowhide Rug

How to Choose Your Ideal Cowhide Rug

If you are thinking about decorating one or more areas of your home with cow skin, you are not alone. Cowhide rugs have been traditionally used as décor for many years, and they are increasingly popular as a decorative material in homes today. There are many reasons for their popularity, such as their durability, softness, texture, coloring, hypo-allergenic features and more. If you have made the decision that this is definitely a material that you want to introduce into your home, you may now be wondering what it takes to select the ideal rug. Regardless of whether you choose to purchase your rug in a local store or order it online, you have the opportunity to select the exact rug that you want to place in your home. This is a decorative material that you may realistically enjoy having for many long years, so you understandably want to make a wonderful selection. These are some important factors to turn your attention to in order to make a smart decision.

Focus on the Size

Cowhide rugs are typically derived from mature cows, but the size of these animals varies. You can imagine that even a larger cow will yield a relatively small area rug in comparison to the size of rugs that may otherwise be available to you in different materials. The good news is that cow skin can be sewn together professionally so that no seams are showing. The colors can also be perfectly matched. This creates the look of one large rug. You can typically find a rug that includes between one and six skins, but there is variation to this. Before you place your order, determine which area of the home you prefer the rug to be placed. Measure the space carefully so that you make a smart buying decision.

Choose the Color

There are many natural colors of cow skin that you can choose for your home. These include white, beige and blonde. They also include black, tan, rust, brown and more. Many skins feature one color, but others often have two colors that have different color patterns or schemes. While these combinations can create many different looks that you may love, keep in mind that it may also be possible to find a dyed skin. These skins may feature beautiful colors, such as violet or indigo. Because each room in your home may have different decorative needs, you may love the wide selection of colors available for you to choose from.

After you have made the wise decision to purchase this type of rug for use in your home décor, you must focus on finding the exact rug that you want in your space. Remember that the design and color options are significant. Avoid feeling limited by the options because you can always check back as new rugs are listed for sale in the future.

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