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How to Move to a Smaller Flat

How to Move to a Smaller Flat

If you are moving to a flat that is significantly smaller than the one you currently live in, you’ll have to make some difficult decisions. Your options are to live in a very cramped space, dispose of some items, or place them in storage. If you want to live in a very cramped space, you are entitled to that, but most people choose either storage or disposal.

Disposal Considerations

If you are thinking of disposing of items you don’t need, you need to dispose of them in a responsible manner. The most common way to dispose of heavy items such as furniture is to search for a team that does removals in Ruislip. The company you choose for your removal should also dispose of items in a sustainable way. There are environmental considerations because you don’t want to add to a landfill unless it’s necessary. Furniture and appliances that can be recycled should be recycled; those that have to be thrown away should be thrown away in accordance with UK standards.

Storage Considerations

If you choose to store your items for later, you need a removal company that will do so as well. Choosing a removal company that will store your items is important for two reasons. For one, you don’t want to haul the furniture and appliances by yourself. Also, it can be difficult to estimate how much space you’ll need in a storage unit. If the removal experts are the ones who are also storing your items, they’ll be better equipped to estimate how big of a storage unit you will need. After they have spent a few months on the job, they can typically visualise how much space will be occupied by different items.

If you follow these steps, it should be somewhat simple to move to a smaller flat, even if you have a lot of furniture.


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