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Important Accessories that any apartment occupant Needs in Delhi

Important Accessories that any apartment occupant Needs in Delhi

Recently the earthquake that hit Nepal also had its repercussions till Delhi. This incident has alerted and has set a reminder to the public regarding the safe and secure structures for living. The urbanization in most of the metropolitan cities has led to rapid rise in the number of high rise buildings being constructed. Delhi comes second in the list after Mumbai as the city has a lot of high rise apartments. According to reports from Real estate Delhi the demand for high rise apartments are high. The apartment culture is very dominant in the city as well as the sub urban areas of the city. Anyone who is having plans of investing in an apartment always think about the décor, furniture and kitchen choices ignoring certain other important aspects. Here are some important accessories that should be brought while buying an apartment.


The Fire Extinguisher and & Smoke detecting system

Like we always say in all aspects of life, Safety first!! The first and most important thing to do while buying an apartment is to install the smoke detector in the living room, bedroom etc. Kitchen is the place where the fire extinguisher should be placed. But in case if you are looking out for a studio apartment it is not necessary to dot the ceiling with the smoke detectors, instead installing just one of them will do the trick. The smoke detectors must be checked in regular intervals of 2 months and the batteries must be replaced if required. It is safe to install the detectors more than 10 feet away from the stove or oven.

The Flashlights

Power cuts and storms can put an apartment to shadows. There will be some point when you will lose the electricity. It is best to be ready for such circumstances by having in hand an easy to find flashlight with enough amount of spare batteries. There is an even better way to be stay in light that is the use of lanterns which can just bright up an entire room if needed. If you are trying to get some work done in the dark, you will be thankful that you have a lantern at home.

The Basic Tools

It is not necessary to have sophisticated accessories all the time, instead if you have basic tools that will be more than enough to hang a mirror on the wall or assemble furniture. A screwdriver, wrench and a hammer are the essential tools to have. These tools will come in handy if you want to hang a picture on the wall or set up shelves etc.

First Aid Box

Think of the childhood days when you got injured or had a cold etc the medicines used to magically come from a box your mom possessed. Emulate the same box that your mother had while you are buying an apartment and assemble the first aid box. Stock Bandages, anti septic creams, dettol or savlon, cotton cough syrup, and pain killers. Like they say prevention is better than cure, it is better to stock the medicines rather than running around in search of it in the last moment.

The Cleaning equipments & Curtains

It is always good to have a vacuum cleaner and the normal broom etc. But it will be better if you can be prepared for cleaning any kind of surface in the apartment. Buy the cleaning materials required to clean kitchen cabinets, glass, wooden furniture etc.

While choosing curtains for the apartment it is important to choose the right ones which will contribute to the privacy factor. These days there are black out curtains available if your intention is to cut noise from outside.

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