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QKmortgage.com is Approving Mortgage Loans for Self Employed Borrowers

QKmortgage.com is Approving Mortgage Loans for Self Employed Borrowers

Are you self employed? If so, Qkmortgage.com will give you more options than just traditional loans. QKMortgage.com is a mortgage loan lenders are here for your rescue since they are now approving mortgage loans for self employed borrowers.

Traditional loans have so many hurdles to clear which are beyond the reach of self employed people. Basically, most self employed borrowed do not meet the requirement for traditional loans. Verification of income, high FICO score and ability to repay the loan on regular basis like monthly terms, limits most self employed borrowers to qualify for traditional loans.

Now, self-employed people should be all smiles as with stated income loans lenders like QKMortgage.com, they do not required income verification to qualify for a stated income mortgage. The only requirements to qualify for a stated income loan as a self employed borrower are:

  1. FICO score of as low as 600
  2. 20-30% down payment of which 10% can be from gift sources.
  3. Borrowing a minimum of $125000

What are the benefits of stated income mortgage loans?

  1. Reduced loan approval time. There is no income verification required or any other underwriting process. As such, if you are self employed you can get your loan within 72 hours.
  2. Up to 10% of the down payment can come from gift funds which can be from a family member
  3. With no proof of income, you can borrow a stated income loan of up to $2 million. This is enough for you to purchase that house you keep on dreaming of.
  4. If you choose to refinance into a conventional loan, no prepay cost will be incurred.
  5. Unlike traditional loans you need a very low credit score of ( FICO 600) for you to acquire the QK stated income mortgage loan.

Qkmortgage.com is specialize in helping small business owner and self employed get approved for a home loan more easily. The loan lender is located in Los Angeles but able to help residents in multi states to qualify for a home loan without needing of providing proof of work history nor income tax. Anyone who are looking for a stated income mortgage loan program should visit Qkmortgage.com for a quick loan approval with high loan limit. Buy a home that you can over qualify for. Traditional loan will give the benefits of low interest rate, but the loan limit is too low to buy a home at the current market price. Since the economic is rising, house market also rise so anyone who want traditional loan will need to make over $60,000 but with the stated income loan program you will have unlimited potential of choice when choosing the home that you want. Your limit will be a 2 millions home.

For more information about stated income loan and getting qualify, visit QKmortgage.com or called (818) 465-5819 to speak to a stated income loan lender.

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