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The ‘How To’ for a Smooth Move with Removal Companies

The ‘How To’ for a Smooth Move with Removal Companies

You have been planning and preparing for this move since what feels like the dawn of time. The day finally arrives. A man with a van shows up from the removal company that you hired. To prevent this from being the downward spiral of stress that moving has the capacity to be, there are some provisions that need to be in place so that this can be prevented.

If all is well on your side, this makes the majority of the process much easier. Making sure that everything is labelled and stacked correctly will assist the companies’ movers with the task of loading the moving van. Preparing the boxes for loading will also decrease time. If possible, speak to the removal company about this, asking if there are any preferences. Though the company may pack in a completely different method to you, a transparent and simple layout of your boxes and storage items will help with the order of duties. Correct, cohesive labelling is also an important factor. Permanent markers, sticky labels that stay stationary and large, clear identification will help, especially in the event that the home owner is not present. This will also keep the movers in the loop and assist with their job as they can follow the order.

A considerably mandatory tip to keep in mind is ensuring that lighter items are stacked on top and heavier things on the bottom. During the process, storage boxes can easily shift, fall and attain damage. It is also suggested to discuss the areas of damage; firstly, how to deal with and clearly identifying currently damaged items. These areas can be covered by talking about extra proofing and special storage instructions. Secondly, you should double check that there is an agreement, deposit or guarantee in place in the event of any newly damaged items that should be accounted for during the company’s removal service.

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Also, considering that the amount of workers can vary due to the size of the job, it is advisable to establish who is in charge on arrival. Doing this at the beginning can then verify what services you have paid for, the time limits in place, damage procedures, the confirmation of the quote and any other areas that need to be clarified to avoid miscommunication or in some cases, exploitation.

Knowing who is in charge, as this may not be the representative who is physically involved with moving, can make dealing with discrepancies a lot less complicated as you will know who to contact immediately. Having the quote in writing- via email or letter, confirmed via phone and verbally will also minimise confusion beforehand and this way, your money and goods are protected by the correct legal channels.

The subject of keys is a much overlooked but heavily important one. Due to the different services provided, moving companies may require a set of keys for either the old or new house. Reasons for this can be situations such as working hours for the home-owners, distance between both houses and contrasting schedules. Furniture removals for example, may be best carried out when children, pets or the home-owner is outside of the property. In this case, the home-owner should discuss whether the company will require the keys, the duration of the keys within their possession and any other preliminary waivers necessary to ensure safe returns to the home-owner.

Exchanging all methods of contact is necessary prior to, during and after the move. As services may not always run on schedule due to the many mitigating circumstances of transport, timetables and human error, a clear, mutual means of contact is of paramount importance so no messages, warnings or updates are lost in the process. Moving is not always problem free, but preparation is key for making the process as pleasant as possible.

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