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The One Stop Site Accommodation Company

The One Stop Site Accommodation Company

Whatever the size of a building project, it will require temporary accommodation, which usually comes in the form of portable cabins. Large projects might need to accommodate hundreds of people, with workers and office staff all requiring on-site shelter for a number of reasons. Then of course, there are toilet facilities, and the employees will need somewhere to relax and eat during the day, and all of this must be in place before any work can begin.

One Stop Solutions

Modern businesses are far more customer focused, and there are online providers of such facilities, which makes things very convenient for the customer. Site toilets have changed a lot in the past few years, with modern, connectable units that can be sited anywhere, and you can have as many as you wish in a single block. The hire company would also provide the essential waste removal service, which would be carried out according to the customer’s schedule. Daily cleaning would also be a part of the agreement, which leaves the site manager free to focus on his job, rather than having to arrange for logistical services, and with affordable rates, the budget won’t be eaten away by site necessities.

Multiple Use Units

Site accommodation has come a long way in the design stakes, with special welfare units that have several uses. The unit would be a canteen that comes with a sink, a microwave, and even a kettle, and with a toilet unit next door, you have the ideal set up to accommodate the workforce. If, for example, your business in the north of England, and you have an up and coming contract, an online search using the keywords, “portable toilet for hire in Yorkshire” would likely yield results. The hire company would also have site office and toilet units, and even a fortified unit that is ideal for storing valuable equipment and materials.

Generator Hire

You will require electricity of course, and more often than not, the site has yet to be connected to the power grid, and hiring a generator will give you the necessary power. Large projects would require multiple units, and it isn’t just the offices that need power, as the workforce need it to use their power tools. If you deal with an established provider, they would always have a stock of units that are ready for use, and whatever you require would be on-site on the agreed date.

Hospitality Units

There are occasions when the client visits the site to see how things are progressing, and if you feel your current accommodation is perhaps a little too basic, you can hire a hospitality unit, which is ideal for entertaining VIPs. There are also VIP toilet and shower units, if you really want to make your guests feel at home, and with affordable rates and prompt service, you can ensure your visitors will be comfortable during their stay.

Online solutions make for easy ordering, and once the site accommodation and toilets are covered, you can get on with the serious business of building.

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