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Weighing Your Flooring Options

Weighing Your Flooring Options

The floor is one of the most abused parts of your house. Your furniture sits on the floor and if it doesn’t have some kind of protection on the feet, the furniture can scratch the floor. You spill things on the floor, dust collects on the floor, and you often drop items on the floor. The floor in the bathroom and the kitchen takes probably the most abuse of any room in your house. Most spills occur in the kitchen. The bathroom sees dripping water from showers and sinks. The humidity level in the kitchen and the bathroom can rise very quickly depending on what you’re doing in there. That can cause problems for any type of floor that is sensitive to moisture. There are options, though.

Rubber Flooring

Rubber flooring is not something that many people think of when they are considering flooring installation in Brighton but it can be a great choice. Rubber flooring is typically a type of flooring that is laid over your existing flooring and glued down. Depending on what kind of floor you have installed currently, it might be necessary to rip up the old floor and glue the rubber straight to the subfloor. Rubber is a great choice for several reasons. For one, it is waterproof. The waterproof floor is excellent for the bathroom and the kitchen where you could be faced with spills. Also, the rubber floor is good because it provides great traction.

In the bathroom especially, the chances of slipping are very high; you’re often barefoot on a wet floor. A rubber floor will provide you with traction even when you are barefoot. That’s a great feature of rubber floors. They’re quick to install and will last a very long time.


Carpets are the kind of flooring least appropriate for the bathroom or the kitchen. Carpet should not be in rooms that are frequently very humid; however, it’s a great choice for your living spaces. Carpet is nice because it provides an extra layer of insulation that could really benefit your rooms. Typically, the floor is made of the subfloor and the flooring on top of that. In some cases, there is a layer of insulation between the subfloor and the flooring. If that’s the case, then it can prevent a lot of heat from transferring between the floor and the ground. However, a layer of carpet can definitely enhance that insulation.

Carpet is especially useful during the winter. During the winter, it will not be cold when you step on it with bare feet. Furthermore, carpet is made up of tonnes of fibres that will actually warm up and trap heat while the heater is running. So, your floor can help keep you warm. Carpets with a long nap are obviously going to be more absorbent but they are also going to be more difficult to clean.

Rubber floors and thick carpets are two types of flooring that are on opposite ends of the spectrum. There are many other kinds of flooring that are somewhere in between.

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