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Wet Rot – its symptoms, causes and treatment

Wet Rot – its symptoms, causes and treatment

We often see timber that is affected with distortion, loss of strength and discoloration. Lightened tone and darkening of the timber are also the signs of wet rot that makes it spongy too. Dried out timber because of this problem may crumble just with a soft touch. Likewise certain areas in our buildings give damp musty smell. Fungal growth is also quite common during rainy and damp seasons. These are the symptoms of Wet Rot that causes havocs and puts us to huge financial loss.


Causes of Wet Rot – Defective sewerage system often results in wet rot that is seen alongside leaking gutters and water pipes. We see signs of this problem near the kitchen sinks, washing machine, bath and areas that are prone to falling of water drops. This happens due to accumulation of water that results in wet rot. Leaking roof is also responsible for Wet Rot. Disordered stone pointing may also result in this menace that occurs due to presence of wood along with moisture.

Affected areas – Following areas or things can be prone to wet rot:

  • Areas with accumulation of moisture due to leakage or access of water. The ones falling near dishwasher, washing machine, bath, kitchen sink or shower may fall victim to wet rot.
  • Cellars or basements are also the victims of this problem.
  • Floors made with timber and lacking sufficient ventilation. Floor joists linked with masonry affected with rising damp or moisture because of poor guttering etc.
  • Roof timbers affected with leaking roofs. Collection of water drops near the window frames.

Treatment – Wet Rot can be controlled with the following viable steps:

Ø The first and foremost step to check wet rot is checking the sources of water that results in this problem. It may happen due to leakage of roofs, water drops falling from windows, floor segments and basements etc. Likewise water may get accumulated near the cellars or leaking gutters. Leaking water pipes may also result in wet rot that can cause due to leakage in the walls. All these sources of water-fall should be noticed and got repaired on instant basis.

Ø It is recommended that a Wet Rot specialist is immediately called to check the problem and fix it without any delay.

Ø Get the affected piece of timber removed immediately that has since been affected with wet rot.

Ø A professional property surveyor may be competent to deal with the menace of wet rot. He or she is able to find out the exact area or timber that has since been affected with this rot.

Ø High levels of wet rot can be treated well by taking adequate steps in the shape of fighting rising damp. It can be done by filling chemicals into the walls or floors etc that are affected with damp.

Ø Prominent concerns like Wise Property Care should be contacted immediately upon noticing wet rot symptoms.

Wet Rot, the harmful problem must be identified and treated well by adhering to the above simple tips.

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