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What exactly is a Real Estate Agency/Letting Agency and How Can They Assist Me

What exactly is a Real Estate Agency/Letting Agency and How Can They Assist Me

Real estate agents (also known as a Letting Agent) are professionals who help people in the renting, selling or buying of property. The property is mostly houses, but it can sometimes be a flat or even empty land. These experts have to be acutely aware of the market and renting value of any property, be able to correctly evaluate the positive and negative features of a property, know how about the methods of advertising and how to conduct a lease or sale.

Advantages for Buyers or Renters

To properly assist anyone who wishes to rent or buy a home, an agent must first know what kind of home the customer is searching for; the price that the renter or buyer can afford, and all of the acceptable locations. Then, often with the use of a system of networking for home sales and rental, the agent then searches for rent or sale properties that fit the required criteria.

An agent will take clients to many places for a first-hand viewing of homes, mention the positive and negative aspects of each one, give estimates of the best prices for the properties and answer any questions a customer may have. If the potential buyer chooses to make an offer on a home, the agent helps choose an offer price and will make the offer to the seller or renter personally, or their agent

Making Sure All the Paperwork is Properly Concluded

Before any lease or purchase can be completed, letting agents in Essex will work with other professionals in the business of real estate to ensure that all of the paperwork has been correctly concluded and the client has the required cash reserves. This may in cases of home buying, include a meeting with a bank manager or lender. The agent will then arrange a meeting for the client to sign all the paperwork and obtain the keys to the new home.

If a client wish to sell a home, the real estate agent will assist in setting a suitable price. The asking price is normally based on the current sales of similar homes in that neighbourhood. A letting agent advises clients on how to prepare the home for show, which will make it as visually appealing as possible to potential buyers. Keeping it nice and clean, giving the rooms basic decorations and carrying out basic repairs and paint jobs are a must and then the agent will go on to advertise the home to other agents and the public.

An Open House

If anyone shows some interest in the home, the agent arranges for the potential buyer to have a look around it, usually working together with the viewer’s real estate agent. Agents also conduct what is known as ‘open houses’, which are periods of time when anyone can wander in and around for sale or rent homes and ask questions and gather information from the agents.

A reputable estate agent will help to make all of your concerns regarding housing woes simply disappear!

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