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What Is Interior Cladding?

What Is Interior Cladding?

Generally speaking, we all love the homes in which we live. We treat them well by decorating them and keeping them maintained. After all, the place we live in should be safe and taken care of well. Think of taking care of your home as an extension of taking care of yourself. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to both take care of your home and make it look good at the same time.

Interior Cladding

If you’re interested in new ways to decorate your house, check out experienced interior cladding suppliers in Gosport. Typically, you only consider covering your walls with wallpaper or paint but now you have another option. Interior cladding is a heavy-duty and resistant method of wall covering that gives you a long-lasting design of much better quality than traditional methods such as wallpaper and paint. To put it simply, the method of interior cladding uses a decorative covering that makes a wall look as if it has been covered by or made of a different type of material (typically wood).

Advantages of Decorating with Interior Cladding

There are plenty of advantages to decorating with interior cladding and some of them may be surprising. This method of wall covering is a great way to mix things up and completely change the way the inside of your home looks.

  • Interior cladding is entirely scratch- and water-resistant.
  • There are no edges to match up as with wallpaper so all designs are seamless.
  • They are lightweight and incredibly easy to install without any special tools.

Overall, interior cladding is becoming a popular trend in interior design lately. This interesting method of wall covering gives you a new way to protect your walls.


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